Oakley Frogskins Hybrid

In a nod to the iconic 80s fashion, Oakley has revived the classic Frogskins™ sunglasses, infusing them with a modern twist. The result? The Frogskins Hybrid, a fusion of the timeless Frogskins style and Oakley’s legendary Razor Blades’ trigger stem design. This innovative eyewear piece boasts a frame crafted from plant-based BiO-Matter™ material, elevating the brand’s commitment to sustainability and durability.

What sets the Frogskins Hybrid apart is its distinctive color breaks, a unique addition that ensures these shades stand out in any crowd. Complementing this design are the Unobtainium® nosepads, guaranteeing a secure fit and all-day comfort. But it doesn’t end there—these sunglasses proudly display the Oakley Factory Pilot logo, signifying an appreciation for heritage and authenticity.

Not just a throwback, these sunglasses bring innovation to the forefront. The BiO-Matter™ frame material isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s lightweight and robust, composed of bio-materials with a minimum of 56% bio-based carbon content, highlighting Oakley’s strides toward sustainability. The inclusion of Unobtainium® nosepads not only ensures retention but also provides a no-slip grip, promising a hassle-free wearing experience.

For those seeking enhanced visual clarity, the Frogskins Hybrid is available with Prizm™ lenses. Engineered to intensify color and contrast, these lenses offer wearers an opportunity to perceive more detail, making them an ideal choice for various activities and environments.

Oakley’s reinvention of the classic Frogskins™ with the Hybrid model is a testament to their commitment to marrying nostalgia with cutting-edge technology. It’s not just a pair of sunglasses; it’s a statement piece that embodies style, sustainability, and innovation in one sleek design.

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