Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 2023

Niesmann+Bischoff is setting new standards for the interior of the Flair 2023 motorhome. It is immediately apparent from the outside that it is a next-generation model: The exterior has been given a makeover, and it looks modern, sporty, and modestly simple. The headlights are positioned further apart than those on previous models, while both the daytime running lights and rear lights create a uniform and distinctive look. The interior design really shines, especially when compared with more conservative interiors found in previous line-class models.

The interior of the motorhome appears surprisingly large to the eye, with a clear line of sight through to the bed at the rear. However, it is actually more spacious than it looks; the passageway between the cab and living space is wide, while the hinged table leg and folding table top allow easy access from the cockpit to the bed area. Geometric ceiling cabinets provide additional room in the cockpit without compromising on storage capacity. Alternatively, two extra berths can be accommodated here; a lifting bed that almost vanishes into a recess in the ceiling.

Niesmann+Bischoff has also developed some clever space-saving gadgets to help make the most of the limited space in motorhomes. For example, a 32″ TV built into the furniture between the kitchenette and living area can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button, depending on whether or not it is needed. The speakers are also integrated into wall lights and inside the cab.

The Polch team makes use of unusual yet natural materials with an extraordinary touch and feel, the likes of which have never been found in motorhomes before. Sliding doors made of smoked glass have a stunning visual impact, while the cabinet surfaces are made of a premium, real wood veneer. In addition to a wall with an innovative concrete effect, the wellness shower is also equipped with a walk-in shower tray made from solid surface material. If desired, anyone who wants to make a real statement in their bathroom can opt for a washbasin made from the patented material Cristalmood by Antoniolupi.

The iSmove has inspired a number of other changes in interior design. The entire bench seat in the living area can be transformed into two seats with safety belts in one simple step thanks to a swivel mechanism specially developed by Niesmann+Bischoff. The lighting concept has been designed in a way that makes it as intuitive as possible to operate. There are motion and light sensors that will light up the corridor at night. The living area, rear garage, and storage compartment for supplies have automatic lights, which are activated when the doors or flaps are opened.

The Kitchen area, although recently standard in modern home kitchens, boasts new design features that are uncommon in motorhomes. The refrigerator with a separate freezer is integrated in the wall unit, making the living area appear much larger than it would had the refrigerator been a part of the furniture design. This makes the living area appear much larger since the refrigerator and wardrobe form a single unit.

The design can be customized in a number of ways: customers can choose from real wood veneers for the wall cabinet in the kitchen and drawer fronts; these include “Walnut planket”, “Breeze Oak” or matt white. A kitchen work surface made from solid surface material with a stone effect is available with an integrated sink. The customer has complete freedom in choosing features for the kitchen, without having to make any compromises. The customer can choose between a dishwasher, oven, an electrically-operated telescopic cooker hood or a microwave for example. A cooling drawer in the kitchen unit is another option – rather than integrating the refrigerator into the wall unit.

Other technical innovations make the Flair particularly self-sufficient. The liner is equipped with a 100 Ah lithium battery as standard, for example, which can be upped to 6 x 100 Ah when combined with a powerful inverter and charger, along with a battery management system. A 370-liter fresh water tank is also fitted on board as standard. In addition, a liner pack can be ordered, which includes a ceramic toilet with a 200-liter tank along with an electric drain valve and warm water underfloor heating; real glass windows can also be installed.

The Niesmann+Bischoff driving safety pack combines the unique safety concept for the new Flair too with Iveco’s electronic assistance systems, such as Emergency Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and the Lane Departure Warning System. These popular options offer real added value where safety and comfort are concerned.

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