LG Soundbar USC9S

With cutting-edge features such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced, the LG USC9S takes home entertainment to the next level, delivering a theater-like sound experience that surrounds users in clear and realistic sound from all sides.

The USC9S comes with an Exclusive Bracket that allows users to place the soundbar in the right position, creating optimal sound with a sleek design. The soundbar can be used as a stand or wall-mounted for added convenience. Additionally, the USC9S works in perfect harmony with LG TVs, using both the TV sound and the soundbar simultaneously for the ultimate listening experience. Users can control the soundbar through their LG TV with one remote, making it easy to adjust the volume, check the connection status, and select a sound mode.

The LG WOWCAST technology wirelessly connects the soundbar and LG TV to deliver high-quality sound without any wires or distractions. With Dolby Atmos, users can enjoy a more immersive audio experience that places them in the center of their favorite movies, while the wireless subwoofer ensures stronger, deeper bass in music and movies.

The USC9S also features Triple Level Spatial Sound, a more immersive and accurate sound experience created by using an HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) related 3D engine that creates a virtual middle layer. The soundbar also has an upgraded AI Room Calibration that considers the sound where it is in the space and delivers the optimal sound by matching reference frequencies at an extended range of 400Hz, analyzing the space precisely, and correcting the distortion of the sound.

The USC9S also comes with VRR/ALLM, allowing for smooth, lag-free viewing and interactivity when connected to a console or Blu-ray player. The soundbar offers a lag-free viewing experience with the best picture and sound, thanks to its 4K Pass-through feature that transmits data without losing quality.

LG has taken a more considerate approach to portable soundbar production by using recycled plastic in some parts of the soundbar body. UL has validated the USC9S as ECV (Environmental Claims Validation) products, and SGS has certified the internal packaging as environmentally friendly by changing from EPS foam (Styrofoam) and plastic bags to a recycled molded pulp.

LG Soundbar USC9S is the ultimate home entertainment experience that combines cutting-edge technology with convenience and sustainability. With its Triple Up-firing Channels and specialized sound modes, users can enjoy an immersive audio experience that will transport them to another world.

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