Celebrating 85 Years of the Dark Knight with the New LEGO DC Batman Gotham City Skyline Set

In honor of Batman’s enduring legacy spanning 85 years, the LEGO Group, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and DC, unveils an exciting addition to their collection: the LEGO® DC Batman Gotham City Skyline set. This meticulously crafted homage to Gotham City draws inspiration from the iconic “Batman: The Animated Series,” capturing the essence of the beloved animated world in stunning detail.

LEGO DC Batman Gotham City Skyline Set-1

A Tribute to Gotham’s Iconic Skyline

Featuring a staggering 4,210 pieces, this set is a true testament to the dedication of Batman enthusiasts. Every tower and building meticulously recreates key landmarks from “Batman: The Animated Series,” including the imposing Gotham City Court, the infamous Arkham Asylum, and the timeless symbols of justice, the Batwing and Bat Signal. But the allure doesn’t stop there; the set is also brimming with Easter eggs and beloved characters like Catwoman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and of course, the Caped Crusader himself. Delving deeper, portions of the set open up to reveal hidden intricacies, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.


LEGO DC Batman Gotham City Skyline Set-2

A Collector’s Delight

Designed with the discerning DC fan in mind, the Gotham City Skyline set is not just a toy—it’s a stunning display piece. Whether proudly showcased on a shelf or mounted on the wall, this set is sure to command attention and spark conversation among enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

LEGO DC Batman Gotham City Skyline Set Details

  • Price: €299.99 / £259.99 / $299.99
  • Pieces: 4,210
  • Product Number: 76271
  • Dimensions: L: 41.6cm, H: 6cm, W: 76cm
  • Availability: LEGO Insiders exclusive from April 1st, 2024, and available to all from April 4th, 2024

The LEGO® DC Batman Gotham City Skyline set will be available for LEGO Insiders starting April 1st, 2024, exclusively on www.LEGO.com/Batman, and hitting LEGO Stores for all customers on April 4th, 2024. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Batman history and bring the magic of Gotham City into your home.

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