Le Bauhaus Lounge Chair

Le Bauhaus lounge chair

Lounge Chair

Many are the areas where a design lounge chair would fit into. Design lounge chairs go nicely in ready rooms or some zones of a library…even in workplaces and corporations, there are areas where a lounge chair could be welcome. The factor is that generally, it’s onerous to choose between a chair, an armchair, or a lounge chair. So, let’s see first what’s completely different about them.

A Chair is outlined as a ‘seat with again for one individual’, an Armchair could be ‘a chair with armrests, generally, a bit wider and extra snug’, whereas a Lounge Chair is taken into account as a ‘chair, with or with out armrests, with an extra leant again, gently supplied with a padding shell. So, let’s imagine that a lounge chair is an extra snug, whereas not being an armchair.

Le Bauhaus Lounge Chair

The Le Bauhaus Lounge Chair and Stool by Retro Europe is the foremost Modernist Designer lounge chair of the twenty-first century.

Providing the ultimate in comfort and relaxation with an understated aesthetic appeal for the Modern Home or Business Environment.

Generously proportioned, wonderfully comfortable and expertly handcrafted with high-quality materials.

Steam moulded walnut shells and bases upholstered in leather or fabric with the high back and headrest set at the precise angle for the correct support and comfort, supported on a 5 star chrome and matt black base with 360 degree spin.

Luxury modernist designer furniture as it should be.

Functional, affordable and hand crafted in the traditional way for a lifetime of use.

Beautifully designed and expertly created in Alicante, Spain.

It is offered for sale in four different color alternatives. The selling price is 1299 €. You can buy it here.


Height: 90cm
Width: 93cm
Depth: 87cm
Seat Height: 40cm
Seat Depth: 53cm
Seat Width: 57cm
Weight: 40kgs

Height: 40cm
Width: 55cm
Depth: 69cm
Weight: 15kgs

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