Italmoto Trionfale

Sustainable, futuristic, but above all beautiful and powerful. This is the Trionfale, the new two-seater electric vehicle designed and built by Italmoto, which bets on a distinctive look and technology.

“Back to bike” is the slogan of the Trionfale launch campaign, but more than an advertising slogan, “Back to bike” can be considered the visionary goal of Italmoto which wants to bring young people closer to the world of “make”, inviting them to get dirty hands in workshops, cellars, and garages, just like they did a few years ago.

With the Trionfale, two-wheelers march forward toward the future and, marrying technology, evolve in appearance and performance. Italmoto travels towards a greener and more sustainable future, where, however, we choose not to give up the pleasure of driving.

The 24-inch Fat wheels, full front and rear cushioning, the full leather two-seater saddle, and the motorcycle-inspired aluminum cradle frame are some of the hallmarks of the Trionfale: a mix of beauty, passion, and technology. Made in Italy.

Batteries that guarantee an autonomy of up to 80 km and a powerful engine make it ideal for both going to work and escaping the city as soon as you feel like it. All with the utmost awareness: the onboard computer allows you to check speed, range, kilometers traveled at any time, also reporting any anomalies.

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