Honda Motocompacto E-Scooter

In a nod to its iconic Motocompo from the early ’80s, Honda’s innovative electric personal transportation solution not only boasts a sleek and minimalistic design but also offers an ultra-compact foldable feature that redefines the concept of urban mobility. Priced at an incredibly affordable $995, the Motocompacto will be available for purchase starting this November, on and at Honda and Acura automobile dealers.

The Motocompacto is a green dream come true, with zero emissions and a design tailored to fit the demands of modern urban living. It provides riders with a convenient and eco-friendly alternative for their daily commutes, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. With a top speed of 15 mph and a range of up to 12 miles on a single charge, this little wonder can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours, whether it’s in its folded or ready-to-ride configuration, using a standard 110-volt outlet.

Jane Nakagawa, the Vice President of the R&D Business Unit at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., emphasizes that “Motocompacto is uniquely Honda – a fun, innovative and unexpected facet of our larger electrification strategy. Sold alongside our new all-electric SUVs, Motocompacto supports our goal of carbon neutrality by helping customers with end-to-end zero-emissions transport.”

Developed by Honda engineers in Ohio and California, the Motocompacto is a product of innovation, boasting an impressive 32 patents. Its standout feature is its unique foldability, which allows it to swiftly transform into a compact, lightweight, and stackable carrying case. This portability makes it a breeze to take along in your vehicle, on public transportation, or to store in tight spaces.

Perfect for navigating busy city streets and college campuses, the Motocompacto prioritizes rider comfort and convenience. It offers a comfortable seat, secure grip foot pegs, onboard storage, a digital speedometer, a charge gauge, and a convenient carry handle. Riders can fine-tune their experience using a clever phone app that allows adjustments to personal settings, such as lighting and ride modes via Bluetooth®.

Nick Ziraldo, project lead and design engineering unit leader at Honda Development and Manufacturing of America, stresses that safety, durability, and security were integral to the Motocompacto’s design. It features a robust heat-treated aluminum frame and wheels, a bright LED headlight and taillight, side reflectors, and a welded steel lock loop on the kickstand that is compatible with most bike locks.

Charging the Motocompacto is quick and hassle-free, thanks to the standard compact charger that can be stowed on-board. Furthermore, Honda encourages personalization with its sleek and straightforward styling, making it an ideal canvas for decals, stickers, skins, and more. To enhance the ownership experience, Honda offers a line of branded Motocompacto accessories, including a helmet, backpack, and apparel.

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