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Estrima Birò completely respects the environment, the urban spaces and the most fragile users, in addition to integrating a lot of technology. These are, in fact, the requirements of the city of the future. Birò users have real privileges: they don’t have to plan every stage, they can stop almost anywhere, be protected even in case of rain, enjoy the city at 360 degrees and recharge at any socket, even at home.

Born in 2008, Birò is one of the first electric quadricycles launched on the market. Taking advantage of customer feedback, it is now deeply renewed to achieve the perfect balance between freedom of movement and respect for the environment and for others.

Birò is Bigger Inside, The Same Outside

In the new version of Birò, characterized by a renewed and more modern design, the internal volumes increase, but the external dimensions don’t change. Birò maintains the record as the smallest 4-wheel electric vehicle in the world. The footprint on the ground remains a record: less than 2 m2, thanks to the 111 cm wide and 179 cm long. Instead, the internal volume increases: in the standard model the rear compartment goes from 41 to 122 liters (+ 200%) and is accessible from the inside; in the Birò Big, the oversized luggage compartment – from 204 to 308 liters (+ 50%) – can be configured thanks to the multifunction parcel shelf. The habitability for taller people also improves thanks to the +4 cm between seat and sunroof.

Energy Saving: even more record consumption and more regenerated energy In a period in which energy saving is a must, Birò guarantees maximum energy savings, thanks to the new EV Motor Smart Driver, its small size, and record lightness (only 350 kg).
During the charging phase, the energy absorption is a maximum of 1.1 kW. Birò enters people’s lives without the need for new infrastructures and without changing energy supply contracts. Thanks to the new supplied multi-socket cable, it will be possible to recharge from the most common systems in an even easier way. Regenerative braking has also been completely redesigned and further contributes to increase autonomy.

Easy Drive

Birò’s slogan has always been “I’m easy” and today it is even more so. All the controls are on the new steering wheel to allow the user to feel at ease from the first drive. A digital display increases visibility, showing only the information you need.

The more ergonomic driving position thanks to the bucket seats, the new positioning of the pedals, the “one hand” seat belt, and the hill holder function make the driving experience very simple even for Birò newbies.


The butterfly frame produced by Brieda for the cabs of tractors and work machines guarantees maximum protection for Birò’s passengers. The mass and dimensions, speed and acceleration thus controlled make Birò the ‘friend’ of the most fragile road users.

In addition, the new exterior design with Full LED headlights and rear lights guarantees better visibility of the road in all driving conditions and at night, with an advantage in terms of active safety.


In the wake of the success achieved in Amsterdam, Estrima expands its range of accessories, colors, and other valuable customizations. From the coloring of the iconic butterfly frame, thanks to wrapping or painting, to the creation of the seats, steering wheel, and other details in eco-leather and precious materials.

The range of choices offered to the customer reaches up to the brake calipers, the logo or the initials of the name to be affixed on the carpet or eco-leather mats, as in a tailor’s shop. The simplicity of Birò is therefore not only in the product, but also lies in Estrima’s commitment to simplify the life of those who drive Birò, offering them a service which is tailored to their needs.

Dynamic Behavior

Estrima engineers have also redefined weight distribution, with the batteries now positioned lower for more stability. Thanks to the new electric motor and the development of different mappings (Normal, Sport, Eco, Speed Limited), Birò guarantees new levels of performance and a driving experience capable of adapting to every need, from those of the youngest to those of mobility.

Digital Native

The new Birò is born connected and with a digital dimension that makes it even more flexible and simple in everyday use. Thanks to the Birò App, in fact, a digital key is enabled directly on your smartphone: just one click, and Birò is already on and ready to go.
The app then allows to unlock and control additional functions of the Birò, directly via software: from the “anti-theft” function with engine block to “drive mode”, to choose whether to drive a more responsive Birò or with even lower consumption; without forgetting the “parental control” capable of limiting the use of the vehicle within limited areas (“geofence”) and at a limited speed.

Through the Birò App, it is also possible to locate the vehicle, monitor the battery charge level, the general state of efficiency, and have access to personalized assistance, so that you never remain on foot.
Thanks to the Sharing and Sharing Plus packages, the app allows to share the vehicle with whoever and to access an entire Birò fleet with a single account and without keys.

The potential of the Birò App doesn’t end here and, with the Business offer, even companies, professionals, commercial enterprises, service companies, condominiums, and entire communities can build their own tailor-made sharing service.

Birò respects cyclists, pedestrians, and other micro-mobility players: speed and acceleration are calibrated for urban use. Its standard IoT device can communicate with the smart city: Birò is ready to automatically respect the 30 zones, for keyless use via app, for any type of sharing, thanks also to the electromechanical automatic parking brake, with the possibility of remote operation.

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