Emotn Launches Officially Licensed Netflix Projector in Europe

Emotn, a dynamic smart projector sub-brand of Dangbei, has recently launched its first officially licensed Netflix projector in Europe, the Emotn N1. This device boasts native 1080P full HD clarity, 500 ANSI Lumens, and a maximum projection size of 120 inches, providing viewers with a crisp and vibrant display. Additionally, it comes equipped with Dolby Audio and dual 5W speakers, allowing for an immersive viewing experience.

The Emotn N1 is officially licensed by Netflix, offering an easier and more enjoyable viewing experience of Netflix films, TV shows, and more. As soon as the projector is turned on, users are transported into the vast Netflix library, giving them access to a wide range of content. The Emotn N1 provides users with the freedom to choose from a large screen size of 60″ to 120″, providing a more engaging and cozy vibe compared to watching on a smaller screen.

The Emotn N1 features hotkeys on its remote control for the three main video services – Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube – allowing consumers to access their favorite apps with ease. With native 1080P FHD quality and 500 ANSI Lumens, the Emotn N1 delivers eye-catching visuals. Its remarkable HDR10 technology offers bright whites and true blacks, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The Dolby Audio and dual 5-watt built-in speakers provide crystal clear clarity, immersing the viewer in the story.

The Emotn N1 offers a super easy setup, employing the cutting-edge ToF Laser Autofocus and Auto Keystone Correction, enabling the user to get a clear rectangular picture in seconds. The device’s versatile connectivity, including HDMI, USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth, enables users to connect to various devices. The built-in stand on the bottom enables projection angle adjustment of up to 12 degrees. The Emotn N1 boasts a 30,000-hour lifespan and a low noise level of 26dB, making it a long-lasting and quiet companion.

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