Decathlon Artengo x Gael Monfils TR960

Designed in collaboration with world tour professional tennis player, Gaël Monfils, the all-new TR960 Control Tour racket offers users unparalleled precision and power at an unbelievable price.

Priced at just $159, while comparable pro rackets typically cost between $200 and $250, the TR960 is the perfect racket for players looking for a high-quality racket that won’t break the bank. The TR960 is currently the most affordable pro racket on the market. Since 2006, Artengo has lived up to Decathlon’s commitment to make sports more accessible to everyone by developing a range of equipment that offers the best quality products at the best prices. Monfils noticed Artengo’s quality products and inclusive pricing and was thus excited when the brand asked him to co-create his own racket while making it available to everyone.

The new TR960 Control Tour is characterized by its thin profile and flexible, High Modulus Carbon frame. The racket also includes Artengo’s signature Mass Polarization Optimization (MPO) technology, which optimizes weight distribution to provide incomparable stability and handling. Monfils and the Artengo team worked together to develop an innovative design that blends the power needed by professionals with the control preferred by casual enthusiasts to create a wholly unique product. The result is a durable, lightweight racket that provides pinpoint precision between the lines, all at a $159 price point. Monfils started playing with his new racket at the Adelaide International 1 in January 2022 and took the trophy.

As the top-ranked male French player in the world, Monfils won 11 ATP Tour titles and is currently ranked 21st worldwide on the ATP Tour. Sometimes called “Sliderman,” Monfils’ explosive athleticism, sliding and precise shotmaking are complemented by the TR960’s flexibility.

The TR960 Control Tour racket is the first in a series of products that Monfils and Artengo plan to develop over the next five years. Moving forward, Artengo and Monfils plan to lean on a shared background, defined by French roots and a daring, innovative approach.

TR960 Control Tour Tennis Racket Features

  • Head Size: 98 in²
  • Length: 27in
  • Balance: 12.4in
  • Swingweight: 285
  • Stiffness: 65
  • Composition: Graphite
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • Mass Polarization Optimization (MPO) technology

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