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Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse


BRP unveils the first two models of its Can-Am all-electric motorcycle lineup, the Can-Am Origin, and Can-Am Pulse. Building on its motorcycle legacy, BRP is changing the power dynamic and opening the road to a new generation of riders and electric vehicle enthusiasts. All two products will be available in mid-2024.

The Can-Am Origin is a tribute to Can-Am’s Track n’ Trail heritage. This dual-purpose model is designed to bring new exhilaration to both the street and the trail for a more modern multi-terrain experience. The Can-Am Pulse is a balanced and agile motorcycle designed to immerse riders in the energy of the city and transform their daily commute into an electric joyride. Both models feature stunning, modern designs, built to showcase state-of-the-art technology like the high-performance LED headlamp, a unique visual signature. Both models are also easier to use and to ride, for novices and seasoned riders alike. Without any need for a standard clutch and transmission, riders can just twist the throttle and go. Consumers will also appreciate the near-silent and vibration-free experience, as well as the smooth and precise power delivery even in tight, low-speed situations.

While each model has its own distinct design, ergonomics, and capabilities to satisfy different needs, both are powered by the all-new Rotax E-POWER technology, yielding highway-worthy speeds with plenty of horsepower and torque.

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