BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses

Step into the future of motorcycle riding with the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses. Gone are the days when head-up display technology was only a concept from science fiction. BMW Motorrad has turned this visionary idea into a reality, revolutionizing the riding experience and prioritizing safety. These innovative smartglasses project essential information, such as navigation, speed, and gear, directly into the rider’s field of vision in real time.

Unparalleled Connectivity and Convenience

The BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses seamlessly connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and a dedicated app. Before your ride, you can easily adjust the projection position and customize settings. Even during your journey, the intuitive multi-controller on the motorcycle handlebars allows you to make real-time adjustments. This level of connectivity ensures you stay focused on the road while still accessing vital information.

Enhanced Safety and User Interface

Anticipatory and safe riding is the cornerstone of BMW Motorrad’s philosophy, and the ConnectedRide Smartglasses embody this commitment. By providing a head-up display, these smartglasses enable riders to keep their eyes on the road while accessing crucial data. Stay informed about navigation instructions, speed limits, gear position, and more, all within your natural line of sight. The display can be customized to show either simplified arrow-based navigation or detailed directions, including street names and intersections.

Comfort and Adaptability

BMW Motorrad understands the unique requirements of motorcyclists, and the ConnectedRide Smartglasses have been designed with their needs in mind. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, even during long day trips. The smartglasses can be easily adjusted to fit various helmet types and face shapes. Additionally, two sets of certified UVA/UVB lenses are included with the frame. One set is 85% transparent, ideal for helmets with integrated sun visors, while the other set features tinted lenses, transforming the smartglasses into stylish sunglasses.

Tailored Vision Correction

For riders who wear glasses, BMW Motorrad offers an RX adapter with a range of +/- 4.5 diopters. This adapter can be conveniently ordered online from the provider. The user manual of the ConnectedRide Smartglasses contains a QR code that directs you to the necessary information.

BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses Key Features

  • Available in two sizes (M and L) with different nose pads, catering to various pupil distances.
  • Comes with two sets of lenses: one tinted and one 85% transparent, both with certified UVA/UVB filters.
  • RX adapter available for personalized visual acuity adjustment (up to max. 4.5 diopters).
  • Seamlessly connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and the BMW Motorrad Connected App.
  • Real-time GPS data transfer from the app to the smartglasses.
  • Head-Up function for navigation with customizable display.
  • Displays speed, speed limits, gear position, and detailed navigation information.
  • Equipped with an integrated light sensor and optics module for secure data transfer and display.
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery provides up to ten hours of operation.
  • Includes a USB charging cable.
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to +50°C.
  • Stylish anthracite color.
  • Recommended retail price (RRP): €690.00.

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