BEERMKR Automated All-Grain Beer Brewing Machine

BEERMKR takes just minutes to set up and is easy enough for anyone to use. Its automatic temperature control system takes your beer through brewing and fermentation all on its own. When it’s time to pitch yeast or add hops, the BEERMKR app sends a notification with precise and easy-to-follow instructions on what to do next.

BEERMKR has MKRKITs in a variety of styles that include everything you need to make a delicious 12-pack of craft beer. Grains hops, and yeast are all pre-measured and packed. Brewing Machine is fully customizable so brewers can use their own recipes and ingredients or make tweaks to MKRKITs to make them their own.

How the Works?

1. Set up Your Brew – Fill the machine with water, add your grains, and hit start!

2. Pitch Yeast and Add Hops – After getting a perfectly timed notification that the brew is complete, simply remove the grains then pitch your yeast and add hops!

3. Fermentation – BEERMKR precisely monitors and controls the fermentation temperature of your beer to eliminate all those weird “homebrew” flavors and give you commercial-quality beer.

4. Carbonation – When BEERMKR detects your beer has finished fermentation, you simply move the entire BeerBag from the BEERMKR to the BEERTAP and screw in the included CO2 cartridge.

5. Enjoy! – After a day in the fridge, your beer is ready to drink. So grab a frosty glass, and enjoy fresh craft beer right from your fridge!


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