2024 Nissan Juke Mid-Life Refresh: What’s New?

Reintroducing the Iconic Yellow, Interior Revamp, and More

Nissan has unveiled its eagerly awaited mid-life refresh for the Juke urban crossover, promising a host of exciting updates based on customer feedback and market trends. Among the highlights are the reintroduction of the iconic yellow exterior color option, a revamped interior with enhanced connectivity, and the introduction of the N-Sport grade to emphasize the Juke’s dynamic qualities. Let’s delve into the details of what’s new with the refreshed Nissan Juke.

Bringing Back the Yellow: A Nod to Tradition and Innovation

One of the most anticipated changes in the refreshed Juke lineup is the return of the yellow exterior color option, a nod to the popularity of this vibrant hue on the first-generation Juke. Responding to customer demand, Nissan has introduced a new shade of yellow, slightly paler yet more impactful, adding a modern twist to the iconic color.

In the N-Sport trim, the yellow exterior is further accentuated by striking black accents, including the roof, wheels, and door mirrors, amplifying the Juke’s visual appeal with a dash of swagger and attitude.

Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President of Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO region, expressed, “With such clear demand from our passionate Juke customers, we had to listen. We took the opportunity part way through Juke’s lifecycle to make some other changes which would improve the comfort, convenience, and overall life-on-board ambiance for drivers and passengers.”

Elevated Ambience: Redesigned Interior and Enhanced Connectivity

Inside the refreshed Juke, significant enhancements await drivers and passengers alike. A redesigned center console and instrument panel, along with upgraded materials and trim, elevate the overall ambiance of the cabin. The centerpiece of the interior update is the larger touchscreen infotainment system, now measuring 12.3 inches diagonally and featuring improved ergonomics for driver convenience.

Drivers will appreciate the smoother leather-like material adorning the steering wheel, while the combimeter boasts a 12.3-inch digital TFT screen, offering customizable displays to suit individual preferences. The upgraded infotainment system comes with enhanced voice recognition and wireless connectivity options for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

N-Sport Grade: Emphasizing Dynamism Inside and Out

The introduction of the N-Sport grade brings a fresh perspective to the Juke lineup, accentuating the crossover’s dynamic qualities with distinctive exterior and interior details. Inside, the N-Sport trim features coordinated yellow accents, including boomerang-shaped highlights and Alcantara® inserts on the seats, exuding a bold and sporty vibe.

Matthew Weaver, Vice President, Nissan Design Europe, remarked, “Juke is Nissan’s bold, confident family member. The number one purchase reason is its design – customers love its style and assertive personality.”

Enhanced Convenience and Comfort

In addition to cosmetic updates, the refreshed Juke offers improved interior convenience and comfort features. A larger glovebox and redesigned armrest enhance storage options, while the introduction of an electric handbrake maximizes space between the front seats. Wireless charging pads and additional USB charging points cater to tech-savvy passengers, ensuring their gadgets remain powered throughout the journey.

Expanded Exterior Options and Driver Assistance Technology

Alongside the reintroduction of the yellow exterior option, the refreshed Juke offers a range of new exterior color choices and wheel trim options to suit diverse preferences. Advanced driver assistance technologies, including Lane Departure Warning and Emergency Lane Keep, enhance safety and peace of mind on the road.


Unchanged Powertrain Line-Up

The powertrain options remain unchanged in the refreshed Juke, with the electrified Juke Hybrid delivering improved efficiency and performance, while the non-electrified engine option offers a fun-to-drive experience with a choice of manual or dual-clutch transmissions.

2024 Nissan Juke: A Stronger Icon of the City Crossover Segment

With its mid-life refresh, the Nissan Juke builds upon its well-established strengths while introducing exciting updates to enhance style, comfort, and connectivity. The reintroduction of the iconic yellow exterior, alongside interior revamps and technological enhancements reaffirms the Juke’s position as a pioneer and icon in the city crossover segment.

As Nissan continues to listen to customer feedback and innovate with each iteration, the refreshed Juke promises to delight drivers and enthusiasts alike, setting new standards for urban mobility and style.

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